Where's the Light?
that's what i said
Where's the Light?
I Say A Little Prayer
Today is the last day of COBRA benefits. Got a lot done that my new grown-up insurance doesn’t cover. Its very weird bc I associate my dentist with his death — which is why I cried in my dentist’s arms yesterday. So today I went to a new dentist and while they work on my teeth, I think of death and my own and my teeth and how we only do these things for the living. But, tomorrow is like a new chapter. My death money comes in, death money is what I call it. As I was looking for glasses I said, why the fuck not death is around the corner

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id eat her any fucking day. nom fuckin noms
"i was talking to my uncle today
and he said -
he had great loves
when he was my age,
but as great as they were
he doesn’t remember their names.

and my heart sunk
to the pit of my stomach,
because i imagined you,
years from now,
saying the same thing
to your kids,
trying to remember
what you called me."
m.v., athazagoraphobia (the fear of forgetting, or being forgotten). (via findingwordsforthoughts)


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